Delivery FAQs

What type of boats do you deliver?

  • Any type and size of powerboat or sailboat, private or commercial.

Can we come with you?

  • Yes, If the owner or guests want to come with they are more than welcome.

What areas do you deliver to?

  • Anywhere in the US including the Caribbean Islands.

Does the boat need to have insurance?

  • Yes. Existing insurance usually covers a licensed boat delivery captain but be sure to check with your agent. Documentation and/or state registration should be aboard with a letter appointing The Captain as the owner’s agent.

What condition should the vessel be in?

  • As well-maintained as possible. The engines needs to be in good running order and recently serviced with a few spare parts – fuel filters, etc. All the navigation equipment, lights and radios should also be in good repair, vessel must have an auto helm Safety gear, fire extinguishers and life rafts must also be in good condition.

What do you need on board?

  • All USCG required safety equipment. Paper and electronic charts for the areas to be sailed.

What if the boat needs repairs during the trip?

  • For any major repairs I would call you and put the boat into the nearest harbor.

How far do you travel per day?

  • Every vessel is different, I travel as far as I can